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First off I want to say that this would be a good company only if the communications was any good with the dispatchers. I use to work her in 2017 and have work with them for about 6 months or less. I started out running on pepper logs and the runs was great for an all reefer small company ran by Macedonia people who can barely speak English or barely could if they understand it. About my experience with U.S Cargo. I started out as a local regional guy. I would mostly run out off Chicago which is about two hours from my house outside of Illinois. You think you get paid for empty miles to pick up 100 miles or more on a deadhead... (NO), but they tell you that the first 50 miles are commercial miles. Cool, but then it never shows on your check. MILES: Run hard or go home TOLLS: If you ran from Chicago to Ohio you will have tolls starting up to 65 $ ONE WAY and please keep tolls receipts. If you get a cash advance till you get a check, because your broke and need food money it's only 100$.So now you make the decision to eat or pay tolls and scale and wait till you get reimbursed next week. DETENTION PAY: They say they do after 2 hours. Well that's a lie, they will tell you if the broker pays them for you sitting there 8 hours then they will pay you. Most of the time you would hear about it being on your check after 2 weeks, and that's only if you are the type of driver who keeps track of your payroll. Otherwise you just doing too much complaining about it and still not get it. By the next morning after wasting time on a 90% live load company you need to make your appointment with no time to get to the drop because of the long wait after arriving at shipper. So then they are calling you tripping about not getting there to the Consignee on time. Well I did all the communicating that I could do by texting arrived time and departed time, or by calling even though no one is available after 5 p.m CST. The one chick who suppose to be there after hours NEVER answers the phone or could she understand English if she did pick up. About you check stub. You would have to request for it when you shouldn't. They will tex it to your phone which is a screen shot or tell you a lie that it's been sent to your email. Last at least (ESCROW DEDUCTION). They will take about 150 to 250$ dollars a week out of your check for escrow. So let's hope your getting good miles, because if not and your runs for the week gets you 300$ the 250 is coming out regardless what you make on your run or how much time you killed at shipper and receiving. Then they will take up to 1500$ and will give back to you if you quit and all recipes, BOL, and truck in good condition turnt In just as it was given to you in 45 days after resigning. WELL.. It's been 45 days for me and I've called and got the B.S on it. I've also have video proof of truck before and after shots so their wouldn't be no B.S on damages on truck and just is as they gave it to me. I've asked if they have everything they needed from me be for leaving and 100% proof of conversation and still got B.S on that.. So I'll end it with just saying it. Maybe it's me and the type of Artificial Person America calls me or just different strokes for different folks. This would be a good company, but instead it's a scam who is ran by the same people for the same people to get over any that is not of the same original of these people. Good luck to you if you decided to work here

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