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Equipment, maintenance, driver app, quiet Qualcomm
Overall pay, HHG miles pay, 48 state load planers, cheap detention pay, cheap layover pay, rediculous chiropractor DOT “doctors” that you are required to get a medical from when you go to Werner.

If you need a place to start this isn’t the worst you can do. They have a liberal pet policy and fairly nice equipment. If you need to make more than $700 a week and plan on running 48 state van, look elsewhere. The load planners are faceless untouchables unless you are on a single source dispatch account. This means that when you get $700 or less for your 70 hr week all you can do is voice your displeasure to your fleet manager, who can do absolutely nothing about how the load planners screwed you. Starting pay is .38 a mile and they pay HHG miles so the more short trips you do, the more miles they skim from your check. Average trip length on the 48 van account is somewhere around 450, some accounts are more. Dollar accounts are almost always open where they run them. There is a reason for this. If you think backing into gas station sized stores and unloading a full 53 foot van for $85 is a good deal it might be for you. Overall, I do NOT recommend this company unless you have no better offer.

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