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Home almost every night. Well maintained day cab tractors with decent trailers, decent facilities, good benefits. The highest pay scale that I know of in trucking but you have to put in the time. Once you get a bid run and/or work your way up the list, the job is probably the best in the industry.
Unsteady work through winter months if you're on-call. You may work days and/or nights in the same week which really messes with your sleep. Everything is based of where you stand on the seniority list. Good equipment other than the outdated handheld POS that drivers are forced to use that literally works 1/4 of the time requiring lengthy calls to Central Dispatch to fix simple issues. Dispatchers that know nothing about trucking who have the authority to write you up or even fire you without an

Overall it's a good company with good benefits. However, you are just a number based on seniority and it takes years to get a decent run with steady miles. Once you get a bid run, it's much better but it takes a long time to get one. Nov - March is dreadfully slow, even for a carrier this size so expect to not get called in every day.

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