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Clean trucks and most terminal facilities.
Dispatch and Fleet Managers do not give the support they could. Petty fights over mismanaged loads.

Signed in at 59 years old. Breezed thru 3 weeks of a finisher that kept asking why I was with him. Finally got a truck in the mid 200k miles. It ran good and had only a few issues. Dispatch let me take the truck home to detail and set it up as just a bobtail. Truck looked almost new when I was done. Joplins repair crew was very happy to help and quick to get me in the shop. Once on the road by myself it went south. I went from over 300 miles a week to almost 2000. My FM kept asking me to prove myself to get into one of the coast to coast hazmat lanes. This was what I was told they hired me for. When I pushed miles went down. When I asked for a 34 reset another drop in miles. When I told them I did not have enough time to make a load it seemed every dispatch was last minute and delayed on unloads. I was told to use PC way too much then blamed for not managing my hours. At 59 I will not prove myself. I volunteered to ride with Joplins Trainers and he said I was a good driver. My finisher had no negative comments after 3 weeks. I held my own keeping the miles up and the doors closed. I could load plan and route myself quickly, but I would get a load assigned that had sat for 4 or more days and now needed to be delivered immediately. With few hours on the clock it limited when and where I could stop and safely park. The mismanagement on planning loads is not the fault of the drivers. Their motto is, "You are the Captain of the ship." If you do not get the support from load planners or dispatch you may be the captain but you not have any control over your truck. It gets down to the basic problem with all trucking carriers, poor relations between the drivers and dispatch departments. I have since found a small company that equals salary easily. I can manage all my loads and when or where I stop. My truck is new and maintenance good. MEGA carriers will always have a hard time when they can hire a dozen every week and still be short on loads and drivers. a side note, the trailers are not well cared for and will cause delays or CSA/ Citations. Ask any of the drivers how many trailers needed a tire fixed or had tandems that would not slide. Most every trailer I got was like that. When I scheduled home time with proper notice, FM cancelled it. when I got it back on the board again it was cancelled. No one ever told me it was canceled. I only asked to get home once every 3-4 months and this one time to sign escrow papers. I had to cheat and schedule my truck for Joplin Terminal work so I could get back home. My dispatch had me locked in North Dakota.

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