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Excellent training, paid during CDL Training
Contract is overwhelmingly in the company's favor, job feels more like a babysitting service than being a truck driver.

I was terminated at the end of phase 2 training, so I never got to go solo. The GYCDL program provided excellent training and the instructor went above and beyond the minimum teaching needed to pass the CDL test. However, it felt like there was a lot of red tape starting on phase 2 training. You are expected to call the driver manager every day and discuss topics that you should already be learning with your trainer. The company also provides convoluted written directions on most runs except for construction site deliveries. You are expected to follow these directions to the tee, otherwise you will be chewed out for going out of route. The driver manager I got was courteous and professional with me. The driver on boarding manager however was rude to me and talked in a condescending tone. As for the pay, you get paid $500 gross every week in phase 1, and $90 a day in phase 2 of GYCDL training. I was offered 43 cents per mile in the flatbed division, but I can't confirm since I never went solo. Finally, I want to give a warning regarding Roehl's contract. If you are planning on getting your CDL with Roehl, you should be aware that your going to be asked to sign a $7,000 contract. As of September 2019, the contract does *not* have a grace period. You are still an "at will" employee under their contract. In other words, it's possible to be terminated for no reason and still end up with a $7,000 bill. Because of the contract, I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere for CDL training unless you absolutely need to be paid during training.

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