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Good equipment and decent terminals.
Absolutely total lack of basic decency. Inhumane behavior and complete lack of concern for the well being or mental health of their employees.

Equipment is good but the office employees dont see drivers as human beings. Driver managers are so self absorbed and petty that they will often punish drivers for having family emergencies or medical emergencies. I repeatedly saw drivers stranded and severely punished for simply wanting to go home to deal with a death or family illness. Conditions are terrible. When I became unable to sleep due to my shift constantly being changed from day to night they not only refused to stop the behavior, but constantly called and harassed me in an attempt to force me to drive WHILE I WAS UNABLE TO EVEN SIT UP IN MY SEAT DUE TO SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Complaints to driver relations of HR go nowhere. HR simply does not "believe" in driver rights and any complaint has to go through the FMCSA to get results.

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