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Changing Direction towards Mega Carrier

Not the same company it use to be they have changed so much the past 2 years. They are starting to act like a mega carrier and the drivers are coming unglued. Alot of drivers say the company is trying to flush out the older drivers to pave the way for cheaper student drivers. Now we have way too many drivers and not enough freight to go around for everyone and the drivers are now complaining about sitting too much not making money. Here are the recent changes that have all the drivers up in arms and quitting. 1. They dropped the 2 year experience and have broght in students and trainers. 2. They partnered with 2 very large truck driving schools to keep a steady flow. 3. Installed cameras in all the trucks and started the micromanaging "coaching" that comes along with it. 4. Implemented a fuel solutions program that dictates your route and all specific fuel stops. 5. Stripping down the trucks to save money like of all things the seats where we spent about 70% of our day these cheap seats are so uncomfortable and start leaning to one side after a while your sore after sitting in them for a few hours.

Currently Employed at Company: Yes