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Let you start your truck driving career , weekly pay
Poor pay, inconsistent miles , bad office staff , unorganized, bad equipment and facilities

My in progress review at 7 months in: Very low paying , that's the main concern. Some rude and unprofessional dispatchers and other office staff that will ignore you and/or treat you like dirt . Old rusty problematic trailers. They gave me several older problematic trucks before finally giving me one that worked properly. Many of their drop yards have gigantic craters in them that will eat your truck for breakfast. Many drivers will feel like they have to team drive or become a mentor to make halfway decent money here. Which creates dangerous situations where you essentially have rookies training rookies or teaming up with each other which isn't smart in my honest opinion. It's not all horrible to be honest but the above needed to be said . I'm appreciative to PAM for giving me my start to my driving career. And also for keeping me after having a couple backing incidents. SOME of the office staff and higher ups seem to care about the drivers . They generally got me home on time . Overall this isn't a good company to work for or even like I did to start with . I'm doing my one year contract with them since they paid for my truck school and leaving for a better quality job as soon as I hit the year mark. Most people don't make it anywhere near as long as I do here they leave within 2-4 months on average I'd guess because they realize the pay is bottom of the barrel and all the other negatives I mentioned earlier scares drivers away and creates extremely high turnover. PAM is a totally dry van company that specializes in transporting automotive freight . As a solo driver that lives on the east coast they kept me usually running the eastern half of the usa (never going further west than Missouri or Iowa) . They ship various kinds of dry van loads though , I didn't haul any auto parts until I had about 4 months of experience. The auto parts loads are usually nightmarish. Usually they will be the longest loads miles wise you can get as a solo driver , but so many times I've gotten stuck delivering or picking up loads from the places Pam does business with due to a myriad of rediculous issues usually coming from both Pam and whatever place I'm at . One last important fact. They have incredibly slow trucks , usually maxing out around 62-64 mph . That really doesn't mix well with poor equipment they give you anyway. They will be essentially cracking the whip on you on auto parts loads trying to meet strict appointment times . If you are contemplating becoming a OTR truck driver, PLEASE pay for your own schooling. Do NOT shackle yourself to a known problematic mega carrier like PAM, they offer to pay for your schooling because they know they will pay you extremely low salary and you are a cheap source of replaceable labor.

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