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I worked at Watsontown for about a year. There were a few things I didn't like, but overall it wasn't bad. First thing I can think of is the forced spyware they made me put on my phone. It is supposed to prevent me from being able to use the phone while driving, but it sends an obscene amount of personal data to a remote server. I want to be treated like an adult, not micromanaged. Besides that, it was not bad. The pay was per hour. I didn't have to worry about what would happen if I have to wait to get loaded. Funny thing is when a company pays you by something besides mileage, they try to keep you moving. I made decent money. Honestly, I'd go back if I can get a place to park near here and even put up with the spyware on the phone. The truck was decent and decently maintained. Problems got fixed without too much hassle. The truck I was in had a fridge. That was nice and I kept it stocked with cold drinks.

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