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Steady work, Even on the extra board Pay is lower than most, but with hourly pay, it really is about equal. No work is off the clock. Health, Dental & Eye are all free. When I say free, I mean free. Most healthcare providers will tell you that you have excellent insurance. Don't hook up or fuel the truck. Paid weekly after a 2 week hold back. No customers to deal with. No dock work. Drivers that understand the system will excel. Time off, you will bank 6 hours off for each trip or
Work is 24/7/365 even holidays. Lower Pay Drivers that do not understand the system will not excel. Will work weekends or part of the weekend. Will work holidays Different hours each day. Never know where you are going, till the call. Could be forced to stay out 2 or 3 beds. Normally only 1 time. Have to deal with YRC containers at the rail yard. Different mileage pay for bobtail, 48', 53', doubles and triples. You will have to pull doubles. Some people are afraid of them? You

Line Haul: Pay is the lowest in the LTL companies. This is because of the pay cut employees took to keep YRC from bankruptcy. They have been in trouble for 10 years now. In the summer of 2020 they got a 700 mil covid loan from the government. Other companies also got the money, but Yellow received the most. 300 Mil when to the healthcare & retirement fund. Yellow has been behind in payments to those funds and only pay 25% of the required amount now. 400 for new equipment. If they would not have received this loan, Yellow would have closed the doors in July of 2020. This money was a big boost for them. They continue to not post a profit each qtr, but each qtr they seem to be improving. 2023 the teamsters contract is going to be negotiated. Employees want the money they have given back to the last 2 contracts. So they will have to come up to ABF pay, if they have any hopes of hiring drivers. Extra Board, you will start on the extra board. You will be expected to run 6 trips before you take time off. You will basically work 6 day or nights. You can get 6 trips in 5 days, if your timing is right and there is freight to move. You will work all different hours. You may drive at 6 am, then drive drive again at midnight. You will be in a constant jet lag. Bid drivers work 3 trips (laid down runs), out and back in is 6 trips per week. (Memphis to Jackson MS). Bid drivers can drop a run, if they want to. If you drop laid down run, that is 1/3 of your check for the week. You will work a lot, especially on the extra board. I probably avg 1700.00 to 2200.00 per week. Seniority drivers running the extra board can hit 2000 easily each week. This will also depend on your terminal. I run out of Memphis. Start at .57490 per mile and top out at 2nd year at .63878. Most of the large break bulk terminals are short drivers. Everyday the extra board is exhausted (no drivers with available time). Probably 80% or more are 50 to 65 years old. We are paid for everything we do. Load not ready at cut time, go on the clock. Have to go to shop for a repair (tire, lights etc) on the clock while they fix it. Time spend at rail road pick up or dropping off on the clock. Break down, on the clock. Once you hit 14 hours at the hotel, you go on the clock till your cut time. If your run is less than 310 miles (not sure on the miles, it is somewhere around 310) you are paid 8 hours.

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