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Instructors at the Green Bay facility, driver leaders, numerous options for dedicated accounts, pretty decent hometime
Maintenance upkeep leaves a lot to be desired, mediocre pay, convinced that the load planners are ignorant and have no clue about anything

One of the better mega carriers out there. My initial orientation experience in Green Bay was excellent. Their instructors are knowledgeable and experienced. Even the trainer i went out with had major experience. My experience with maintenance upkeep was less than desired, but I knew others within the company who had better experiences with maintenance. Pay is about average. It can vary thougj depending on whether you're regular OTR or on a dedicated account. All the driver leaders treated me with respect and i never had an issue with them. However their load planners are worse than useless. Even more reason to get on a dedicated account. I usually stayed out 3.5 weeks and went home for 5 days. Always got home on time except for one time. Overall i liked my experience with the pumpkin.

Currently Employed at Company: No