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Benefits and pay are very good. About the only good things to say about this place. As a linehaul driver you typically get home every day after you get a bid. Weekends off.
Driver facing camera’s, micromanaging company policies, rude and disrespectful dispatchers, junk equipment, trucks are filthy, covid protocols are not followed, trucks are 8-10 qts low on oil, no coolant, no washer fluid. Drivers take no pride in their trucks. They have crappy tires put on in a mountain region, force you to run single screws to Grand Junction and Wamsutter through the mountains. This is a DANGEROUS COMPANY with DANGEROUS EQUIPMENT.

I would rather live under a bridge than go back to work for this fascist company with its nazi micromanaging company policies. So glad I quit and went somewhere else. The grass is definitely green on the other side of the fence when it comes to leaving Saia. Getting out of there was the best thing I ever did for my stress, sanity and peace of mind.

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