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I'm a Truck Driver. McClane up in Fredericksburg Va. LOOK for ways to make your life difficult. Had to bring one rejected pallet back. Because it was wrong product. Then shipper said bring back next day. I check in was just explaining to the girl I had one pallet and that I was behind 8 truck. Then she says We'll these trucks all have appts. We'll yea duh. I've been doing thus for 10 years. I said ok another 9 hr wait Then. I said it in a positive way because that's detention. I'm getting paid.Then I go back outside this lady says was this my paperwork I Said yes. Then she says if I have a problem with the wait I should leave. Now I said no all i said was ill probably be 9 hrs here again and get paid detention. See how they like to twist drivers words around. So end of story I'm waiting to get one pallet off of this truck.

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