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Great pay (more than any other company I spoke to, and they constantly keep pace with what the industry is doing, some times they would just give out raises across the whole fleet(!)). They treat you very decent. Also, very nicely equipped, well maintained equipment (mostly late model Pete 579s with APU, inverter, fridge, microwave, satellite TV, etc.).
Some dispatchers have their 'quirks' but I suppose that's anywhere. I'm really struggling to come up with any cons actually.

I honestly can't fathom these negative reviews on here (or elsewhere) of Decker. I was treated very well there, and that's rare at any job these days, much less trucking. Any time I took an issue to management, it was resolved satisfactorily. But then again I was one of their productive drivers, didn't tear up equipment, always on time, etc. I dunno, maybe the people who can't cut the mustard are treated differently? Total speculation on my part, because I never saw anyone treated badly there in any way. I never even heard anyone raise their voice. They were always very patient and understanding, even if you called in a little heated (which can happen out there some times). The people saying they were ripped off are lying or don't pay attention. They very clearly explain at the end of orientation that you will owe them for your transport, hotel, etc. cost if you don't work there for at least 6 months. This figure goes down every month you work there, until at 6 months it's $0. In fact you sign paperwork to this effect. I have always heard that delivering at all hours (and appointments, waiting around, etc.) is just part of doing reefer, no? Anyway, that's why I do flatbed, instead. ;) The mechanics are very good about getting you in and out for preventive maintenance and repairs, especially the guys in the Bessemer, AL terminal. I put $1,500/wk for pay, which was not an unrealistic average for me at all by the time I left. Of course in reality it ranged from $1,200 to $1,800 depending on how scanning in bills and home time fell. With more home time, truck in shop, etc. it might be a little less, but that's just trucking. And that's TAKE HOME pay. Of course with the per diem program, less taxes are taken out. This was on CPM as a company driver, and I last worked there in early 2022. They are paying even more CPM now(!). They also have a (walk away) lease option, and some OOs working for them who own their own trucks. I will probably go back and lease on whenever I get around to buying my own truck, because they seem like a very legitimate outfit, I was never lied to, and never any funny business with my check. If you are considering Decker, or have questions, etc., make a thread and ping me because the only threads on here are years old and I am not sure how accurate. And eventually I will get around to making one of my own I suppose.

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