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Good equipment for the most part. If you don’t like the assigned truck, they’ll get you one you do like. Not always right away, but they try. Management is patient, and if you’re on-top of pick ups and deliveries, they’ll give you the money runs.
Other drivers. There’s some really good guys at Swift, and there’s some real dirt bags. Leaving your truck at a Swift terminal can be more dangerous than a truck stop.

It’s been about a year since I left Swift, but for all the bad “press”, it wasn’t bad at all for me. A lot depends on where you are, what’s available, Driver manager, and home terminal. I guess it’s safe to say that Swift isn’t just a training company for drivers. They’re training dispatchers, driver leaders, CSR’s, mechanics, and just about every other position within a shipping/logistics company. It can go either way, but a lot of drivers there don’t realize they can switch it up if it’s not working out. I started in the OTR division of refrigerated. It wasn’t too bad, I averaged about $1650 a week, but that’s because I was staying out 30 days at a time. I made all my bonuses each month, and I timed my hometime for the week the monthly bonus paid out, so I never had a short check because of only driving a couple days that last week out. If you’re a military veteran, they pay an additional $.04 cpm if you’re OTR, so that helped a little. After a couple months I found a dedicated account (if you’re OTR you’ll cover accounts sometimes, and I was asked if I wanted to keep running it). It was pretty easy, overnights between LA and Phoenix. 3 round trips one week, 2 the next, home weekends. Averaged almost $1400 a week. I ended my time there on that account. If you’re a brand new driver, it isn’t the worst move you can make. I did almost 14 months there without issue. The only problem I had with them was what they would let me do based on where I lived. If you live close to a terminal, there’s a lot of options, and you can tap six figures with a few of them. If you’re more than 100 miles out, those options dwindle, which is really why I left.

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