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Don't rubbed the wrong color of skin-ya'll get fired by 1 phone call

It really hurts when you're supposedly christian company and preach Jesus character all day long how to be loving, forgiving, etc. but don't give a chance to their top producers team to speak their story of what actually happened based from the stranger call who can tell a h#ll of a story ( video doesnt do justice).Mind you we DID NOT damage their equipment, nobody got hurt, never steal but a mistake that could be categorized as level 3 warning ( safety reason) hubby got out the truck telling the other trucker how to get out from the mess he created who is trying to make a left turn from right lane and got fired from it? And i was tag from the termination because i was married to him, though i did nothing?What an injustice world. Now we found out that no trucking company will touch us because of the word "termination" unless we completed the 6 months to 1 year clean driving record. Hubby beg if they can change the wording so we will be hireable but they won't answer our call and don't budge. Hubby's 18 years of cleaned driving record just ruined by this supposedly Christian company. It sucks living in a safety first world ( woke) production last. Bless their little heart!

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