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Great pay, can easily hit $100k. Great office staff with family atmosphere.
Sometimes always running back haul to Denver can get annoying, not a huge deal. They won’t cover truck washes on road, but have wash guys at our yard.

They will definitely keep you busy. They run pretty much everywhere and hire from anywhere except Montana and the dakotas. Orientation is the normal safety videos and paperwork. After orientation you’ll get your first load. From then on all back hauls go back to Denver, then load out of Denver and repeat. That aspect is kinda nice because you know “ok I took a 1500 mile run, I’m getting a 1500 mile back haul to Denver”. Empty miles pay the same as loaded. Start at .48 then go to .52 after like 6 weeks. Stop pay is AMAZING. $18/hr detention after 2 hours(they have one office person that getting correct detention paid is his job).

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