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Profitable loads, pleasant coordinator, easy to communicate with and are generally left alone.
Not enough Mercer freight in some areas and agents posting brokered loads.

When we decided to give up our authority and lease to a carrier again we knew there was only once choice and that was Mercer. I had talked with Mercer drivers for several years and most were generally happy and pleased with their income. I knew I had found a home when I walked into the driver's lounge the night before orientation and was able to eat a meal cooked by drivers and have a pleasant conversation. As of this writing I have been with Mercer almost three years and am satisfied with their operation and the income. I have a load coordinator that does a great job of keeping me running, getting me home when I need and doesn't bother me with non-sense, money loosing loads. The discounts on fuel, insurance, tire are extremely helpful in running my business. If you are looking for an all owner-operator company and aren't afraid of hard work, this company is for you.

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