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Hard working staff back at the office will keep you swimming in miles.
Rookies and veteran drivers dropping junk trailers with missing/burned out lights, flat tires, locked up brakes, no trailer registration, tandems won't slide, door missing or won't open/close, holes in the roof/side, landing gear won't raise/lower and my favorite, trailers dropped too high/too low never baby bear.

They will do a good job of keeping you preplanned with plenty of miles. Being that this is a predominantly rookie company many times you will be picking up trailers which will need work to be DOT compliant, which will hamper your miles productivity. I had a hard time getting home loads from certain markets and had to deadhead from Texas to California two different times during my 4 years there. Personally, I didn't care for the irregular route nature of the work and left for a company where I ran terminal to terminal; knowing where I was going at least had a comfort level irregular route over the road work could not give me.

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