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good,pay, home time & equipment,open door policy
pay could always be better

new to 4 year old : Internationals, some Pete's. Mostly 10 speeds, but there are some automatics. Home time for me is weekly 1 1/2 to 2 days on average. If I need more home time, I can usually get it. I have never gotten home late with Falcon in 7 years! Pay for 5 -7 days out is approx. $850-$1,000 settlement is weekly with a one week hold back & direct deposit. Miles are based on the loads & deliveries you make. My run is Saginaw, MI to Arlington, TX & back. they have many other shorter & some longer runs. They also have general commodities runs that pay $ 160/ day as long as you are under a load assignment. Consistent dedicated automotive part runs. Runs are paid by the job not miles, but it equates to about .36-.38 cpm. Insurance is excellent, top of the line for two is $58/week, this includes major med., dental, vision, scripts. Vacation is 10 paid days after one year & 15 paid days after 5 years. All drivers are on peoplenet e-logs. monthly on-line safety training. driver managers(dispatchers) are for the most part very friendly & reasonable. You have ample time to complete your run & they DO NOT push you to run over ever. truck maintenance is very good, as long as you do a proper DVIR. all in all I feel a very good place to work at.

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