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Good equipment, able to idle if needed. Good miles, usually 2-4 days run. Once in a while cross-country loads.
A/C bulk tend of go out. 64mph its ok, but once you go out west it feels really slow

*Glass Division* Hometime was excellent with Maverick. 2 weeks out and 2-4 days home depending if we were busy. Got home 100% the time I needed to get home. If I needed a day off for special occasions, I got it off. Equipment is great, the only complaint is the Bulk A/C usually goes down. But we can idle the trucks if we really need to. PMs are done in time and they will remind you when it is due Dispatchers and my managers were great. Never ran outta hours running to a customer and if i had a problem my manager always fixes it. Reset weekly, because usually, the office isn't there on Sundays, but they will give you a load that ran thru the weekend with extra time for a reset if needed.

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