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Top Pay. Home time. Equipment .Affordable Benefits. Free stays at company resorts in Daytona beach, Gatlinburg and Big Bear Lake California

My wife and I team drive for R&L. We have been here almost 3 yrs. We couldn't be happier. We are on a dedicated run 578 miles each way and back to home terminal every day. We get 2 full days off every weekend. We get 3 to 4 hrs at home terminal each night. We live an hr away so we only go home if it's urgent. They have a shower room for us so we get a shower there each night. We each earn 1900 dollars a week. The most money we have ever made teaming . And 2 full days off every week is unheard if team driving. We get a brand new truck every 2 years. We put 300k on it each year. Our pay is always correct and on time every week. As team drivers we can say without a doubt that R&L is at the top of the industry. The only job I found that paid more was hauling Dept of Defense loads but out 4 weeks at a time. As long as you stay on schedule and Do your paperwork correctly we never hear from dispatchers or safety. Love it and we will retire from here.

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