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Home time, newer equipment, maintenance, support, professionalism
CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a con for some people... which makes up a good chunk of their equipment... no shower credits at fuel stops, but you do get reimbursed for showers, so it's a wash so to speak.

Driver / trainer with the company for 16 months. Home every weekend for min. 34 hr reset. Regional driving in a 2014 KW T-680 CNG. Paid $1k per wk for no-touch freight (good mix of live load/unload/drop-n-hook). Dispatch, planning, company personnel are always willing to listen if/when I've have any problems and try to resolve legitimate complaints. The garage / maintenance is fantastic... on or off the road, with service accounts, for tires with Goodyear and repairs with TA/Petro/Flying-J, and at my Akron terminal. It's not always perfect - as with any company there are going to be problems, and they can't please everyone - but I'm happy and have been treated well!

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