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Flexibilty. Freedom. Availability of multitudes of different freight. Left alone to operate if compliant.
Cut and paste pyjama agents, unregulated by Landstar. Bloated departments and staff, confusing structure. Nitpicky charges that have to be ignored, or they'll drive you nuts - basically make more revenue and they won't irritate you so much.

Landstar is a company that hires owner operators. They are not there to hold your hand, but give you access to the resources available to run a profitable business if you need them. It was a step in between company driver and running my own numbers. After 2 years, I'm glad I chose them, and they offer the flexibility I need. Don't consider them if you don't know how to run a business, maintain equipment, abide by the standard industry regulations, have a bad driving record, or are looking for someone to blame for your own failures. If you have good personal skills and a desire to steer your own ship - from a solid financial stance, then they're a great fit.

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