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Good miles if you want them, decent equipment, trailers are being re-freshed, open door policy at the terminal.
Drivers that don't care, LOUD reefers, lots of Wamart and Tyson so lots of waiting on loading and unloading. Limited drop and hook.

Pretty good company as perhaps a stepping stone from Company driver to full on owner. Its kind of hard to fail here as a lease op unless you aren't business minded. Truck lease designed to be paid off in 5 years running average miles. 0 Balloon. They WILL try to tempt you to upgrade so you keep "renting". It works for some. Truck payments based on mileage driven. So 0 miles a week for me comes out to a -320ish settlement. Even on my worst weeks or weeks after hometime I still have a positive net settlement. My DM leaves me alone for the most part. I can sometimes go a couple weeks without hearing from him directly unless he needs a favor for a swap or if he has something that will work out in my favor. He knows how I like to run and keeps me moving. Over 150K miles in one year as a solo. Some aspects are micromanaged, like the 2 check messages a day, on top of the day before delivery day message to ensure you're on time. Other than that my current "Outbox" messages on my QC are all just check messages, and load pickup and delivery messages. Other drivers here that don't care are the biggest downside. You end up with equipment that is damaged/not road legal, reefers unfueled and unwashed, with reefer issues. And management doesent want to come down too hard on them for some reason. Gets annoying having to make your next stop after trailer pickup be a shop or a washout.

Currently Employed at Company: Yes