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Good pay, home nightly, weekends off.
Incompetence in other areas of the company that directly affect your workday.

Such potential to be a great job destroyed by incompetence in the warehouse and routing offense. We all have decent equipment. All of our trucks are 3-4 years old or newer and the upkeep is reasonable. Any issues with working equipment like handcarts is taken care of quickly. Pay is good. You can make up to 90k a year. As you get a few years of seniority you can even get the option to bid on 4 day workweeks. Even on 4 days you can still make 65-70k a year. 5 days up to 90k. Work is hard, but expected. Digging through a truck, running a handcart down a ramp, up and down stairs to make deliveries. And then doing it in a blizzard. Time off is actually pretty decent. When you start off you earn a few days to use that first year, but the first full year there you will get 2 weeks of vacation, a week of sick, and a week of personal time. At 4 years, you’re bumped up to 3 weeks vacation. Vacation is picked in whole weeks and is seniority based. Personal time is first come first serve. So if you’re new you likely won’t get summer weeks off, but you could potentially use personal time and get it. The real problem is the stuff you can’t control. The routing and your loads. They make the job absolutely unbearable. Imagine having a pallet 8 feet tall with 90 cases of refrigerated product for 8 different stops on it. Stop 1 is taking 4 cases and they’re on the back bottom corner of the pallet. That’s pretty much every day of your life. Routing is even more frustrating. Sending you out of the way to start your day to a stop that doesn’t open for 2 hours when you’re routed there. Or delivering a stop and then having another stop next door but you can’t deliver it because they’ve got 10 other stops routed first and then they send you back later in the day. It makes the job almost impossible some days.

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