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Great equipment. Great staff. Great home time. Great miles.
Don’t really have any. Anyone can find something to gripe about if they look hard enough, but I’ve worked for several companies, and I have no complaints about Double J.

Double J is a “power only” company, meaning they only have tractors and employ drivers. They lease onto other companies, using that company’s authority and DOT number. Currently, we have 4 contracts: Leonard’s Express, Duplainville Transport (Quad Graphics), Forward Air, and Bay & Bay. I’m on the Leonard’s fleet. The nature of the lease contract means you do get paid a week or two later than normal (Leonard’s fleet, it’s 2 weeks behind the paperwork). However, the pay is great for reefer work, and everyone is great about making sure you get every dime you earn. Home time policy is minimum two weeks out, three days home. I get to take the truck home. The trucks are nice. We currently have Pete 579s (with 15L Cummins and Eaton-Fuller 10 speed autos) and Freightliner Cascadias (Detroit DD15s with DT12 autos). The trucks are well equipped and feature refrigerators and Thermo King TriPak Evo APUs. They take great care of the trucks, with a nearly religious PM schedule. And you will get compliments galore on the truck because they are a GORGEOUS shade of metallic maroon. The benefits package is good. Humana network. Dispatch is not handled by Double J. That will be handled by the dispatchers at whatever company you are leased onto, and so I can only talk about Leonard’s. I haven’t had any problems with dispatch, and I’ve only emptied out once and not had a load lined up, and they fixed that in about 20 minutes. I bring home about $50k annually, but to be fair, I also go home frequently. The freight is there. If you want to run, they’ll run ya. I average 2800 miles. Leonard’s is a primarily reefer company. We do a lot of milk, coffee creamer, OJ, and produce. I rarely see a meat plant, and never one of the big ones. However, Leonard’s is also not afraid to shut the reefer off and haul dry loads as well. And if they have you in a place they don’t have freight in, they’re also not afraid of jumping on the load boards and snatching a broker load to keep you moving. The office staff at Double J is so great. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

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