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Nice, well maintained equipment(that doesn't pull for crap)
No Prepass, restricted idle, excessively restricted PC on logbook. Forced routing and fuel stops for the general freight division. Arrogant condecending attitude from management

2 faced bottom feeding company. Moore Freight was merged with Wylie in January 2020 by Daseke. We were told by the CEO that nothing would change for the drivers...wrong!!!! They record and review all incoming phone calls between the drivers and the office. They cut back the trucks for better fuel mileage, not just the speed, but the power and the idle(truck would try to shut down at long red lights). They put excessive restrictions on Personal Conveyance usage when bobtail. They cut our live load pay, but increased our number of live loads drastically. They cut off our Prepass for scales, making up pull into every open scale so we used not only more drive time, but more fuel that they cut our trucks back to save. They quit allowing us to use cash without authorization for stuff like marker lights and scales that don't take our fuel card for payment. Their general freight division has forced routing and forced fuel stops. They blame everything they can on the drivers under their accountability policy, even when the driver wasn't to blame. When a driver quits, they blame the dispatcher for not doing their job instead management taking responsibility for their anti-driver policies. They have nice equipment, that they keep maintained and I would give my dispatcher 7 stars if I could(he was part of the Moore assimilation too), but the leadership in Fargo wouldn't even get 1 star. Stay very far away from these bottom feeding liars

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