2007 volvo d12 electric issues

Discussion in 'Volvo Forum' started by Balrajsinghghuman, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. Balrajsinghghuman

    Balrajsinghghuman Bobtail Member

    Sep 22, 2022
    Hi I have a 2007 volvo vnm d12 motor. I had got a engine, transmission and differential oil change. Also got a valve cover gasket changed. After this I got codes for inlet air heater 1 and 2 error, fan clutch electric active fault and vcb electric fault. They had fmi 4 fault which is low voltage or shorted fault. The fan clutch [air] was changed with months back. I have checked all the wiring possible but can't seem to figure out. These codes were not there previously.
    Kindly help me out if possible.
    Thanks in advance
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