$2500/wk DFW but can essentially live anywhere.

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    Jul 24, 2022
    I drive for FedEx Ground and as a team we can make $2500/wk and typically take home around $2200. (Per diem is non taxable so it makes your income quite a bit more than contractors who don’t pay per diem.)

    I’m 35, non smoker (you would need to be to…smoking outside of the truck isn’t cool with me either. I’m very allergic.) and have been driving for FedEx for 6 months. Loving it but needing a co driver that wants to really work and get good miles each week.

    Need you to have a year of experience and be wanting to run miles. I’m looking to run for at least 6 months, but will take the occasional 3 day weekend off, and perform resets in cities that we’d like to see/explore. If you live in DFW area, great, but if not we can make it work elsewhere as long as you’re not needing to be home every week. Every 3 weeks is very feasible. I just want to reset on the road as much as possible to make the most of our time.

    If you’re interested please text me at (971) 801-3895. (Please don’t text “I saw your ad.” Start with who you are, your qualifications, and why you think it might be a good fit.)
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