579 or a volvo

Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by craig_sez, Mar 28, 2024.

  1. craig_sez

    craig_sez Road Train Member

    Sep 5, 2013
    Hey fellas....I have 0 experience what ya all are doin with the 579 petes for antenna set up and being able to get put.....I saw before most are goin with an antenna on back of the cab...Thats a make due but have there been other options ??

    Im in a volvo im not happy with(just old and near end of life with the company)and i was holding out for another cascadia cause im basically set up for one....
    Before i say yes or no to this 579 which means ill not likely get a cascadia what are ya all doin successfully with the antenna placement on the petes...
    How much work did ya all have to do jjst to get out across the parkin lot lol..
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