A Parked Regeneration

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  1. devildawg89

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    This should be interesting. A Parked Regeneration for the Exhaust Filter this should be fun.......lol

    Wonder how many people ever had to do this, and their thoughts. Thanks!:biggrin_25520:
  2. 25(2)+2

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    Sep 18, 2006
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    It's just a process to clean out a diesel particulate filter(regenerate it) while parked with the engine running.

    The procedure varies with the different make of truck,I'm familiar with Freightliner, have never had anything to do with other makes with a DPF.

    It takes from 20 to 40minutes for the truck I drive to do a parked regen.
  3. devildawg89

    devildawg89 Light Load Member

    Well, I figured, since I just got through with a 34hr, it was stopped up really good. Just pays to be safe......lol Thank you so kindly for your thoughts. Always good to hear what others think about certain situations. My exhaust is under the truck, it is one of them MaxxForce engines from International. Just got back in the truck, I went in here to smothered and covered, (better know as McD's, in my opinion), but I would have to say about that is, where was the bacon for combo meal number 10, which was the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel meal.....lol
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  4. striker

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    Aug 8, 2009
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    Seems about every 4th regen on my Mack requires a parked regen, just the luck of the draw. Usually takes between 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on what I was doing when it went in regen mode.
  5. 48Packard

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    Apr 19, 2009
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    Yup...my International has the ISX, and seems to want a parked regen about once a week, though pulling hills and heavy loads tends to stretch out that time a bit. Mine generally takes 45 to 50 mins.
  6. Gizmo_Man

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    i have had to do this SEVERAL TIMES a few weeks ago. as the filter gets clogged up, more re-gens are needed.

    finally, the shop took off my stack, took it all apart, sent out the filter. there it was heated to about 2,000 degrees to remove the build up.

    now my truck runs great, and my fuel mileage is WAY BETTER as a result.

    if you find that the yellow upside down triangle comes on daily, even if you do a park re-gen, then it is time for a dis-assembly.

    my truck had 202,000 miles when this tear down had to be done, now it has 206,000.

    be prepared for this to take place.
  7. ewill71

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    you have to do it or you will end up on the side of the road. We have drivers that ignore it and I get the trucks and either regenerate or requires service.
  8. chompi

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Deland, FL
    It will do a re-gen while you are driving but not as good as a "parked re-gen". You will notice your truck losing power if you have not done one in awhile. Also if you get low on DEF you will lose power too.

    There is nothing to it! The truck will do everything itself. I remember when they first came out with this the trucks would sometimes burn a hole in the parking lot!
  9. Sequoia

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    Dec 4, 2010
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    If you have to do a parked regen at night, find a place where there aren't many trucks close by since you're running a high idle for at least 20 minutes and your stacks will be pouring out white smoke
  10. Pmracing

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    What clogs the filters?

    I heard from road breakdown that the bio diesel has all sorts of dirty crap in it. But I get a different opinion from each guy I talk with at our road breakdown. I'll be told what to do by the night guy, and the day guy will ask, "Who told you that?" Hehehehee

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