After overhaul on Cummins ISX CM 870

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  1. snejana73

    snejana73 Bobtail Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    1) March 8, 2021 ,Odometer reading taken from the Truck at the time of the overhaul did not match the actual odometer readings - truck is allowed to leave the shop after an overhaul with a leaking oil cooler, lower oil pressure and paid bill in full .
    2) Oil pressure at the time living the truck for overhaul read 38psi at 1500rpm with a temp 200-220
    3) After an overhaul oil pressure reads 30 at 1500 rpm , tem 200-220 with the shop oil (shop advised at the time when picking the truck from the shop )
    4) March 11, 2021 truck making first trip after an overhaul done.
    5) Owner received a text message from the shop with a picture showing a bottle of coke , later received a call stating that the fuel was bad and it was a good idea to change the fuel pumps the following week. When asked why this was not communicated at the time of picking his truck from the shop , the answer was - shop Forgot .
    5) March 16, 2021 around 10 Am within 1500 miles from the overhaul , driver advised that the ECM does not read when trying to use the break, which makes it very difficult to change gears.
    6) March 16, 2021 at 11pm while driving with 60 miles per hour on the HWY the truck stalled , it shuts off on the HYW
    7) March 17, 2021 at 7Am called the shop and explained what happened with the truck. The shop responded- not my problem . Call the tow company , bring it here in we will see what the problem is . It's not our fault .
    8) March 17, 2021 called the tow company paid their bill and took the truck to the closest shop .
    9) March 18 after close to 24 hour not having any power on the truck , sitting in the cold weather , the new mechanic powered the truck . His findings were -blown engine fuse . We paid this shop for it and left it . Two miles down the road the fuse went bad again. Went to buy 5 fuses , looked at the wires , there was a wire near the fuel pump soaked with fuel. Cleaned the wire , cleaner around and managed to get to the parking lot.
    10) March 19. 2021 Truck started running to the shop that did the overhaul . Engine fuse went bad again , changed the fuse and managed to get to the shop. Truck left at the shop for the following problems occurred after the overhaul was done: oil change to see if the oil pressure will improve after overhaul, to check engine fuse 5A problem occurred at around1500 miles after overhaul , break problem after overhaul ,( fan clutch replacement and fuel pumps replacement - recommended by the shop)
    11) March 20, 2021 called around 11 Am to check on the progress of the work and was advised that the truck will be ready on March 22 , 2021. When asked if anything was done , I was advised that they found the problem with the engine fuse but will show it to me on Monday 03/22/2021 .
    12) March 22, 2021 Received a call from the shop stating the truck is ready to roll . I asked if oil pressure went up , but was advised that this was not in the work that they had to do .... When asked to speak to the owner who was aware of the situation was told that the owner just went on vacation and if I want to talk to him , this will have to happen the following week. Around 11Am went to pick up the truck and wanted someone to come with me to test drive the truck prior to leaving the shop
    Shop refused to test drive the truck stating the following: Pay your bill in full and go and taste it yourself , we are not coming with you to test driving it due to Covid 19.
    Bill paid and left to test drive the truck . Unfortunately oil pressure only went to 34 not 38 as it was prior to the overhaul . Called the shop and advised them that the oil pressure did not returned to 38 ....
    13) March 22.2021 late afternoon - Truck returned to the shop after tasting it , oil pressure reads 34 at 1500 rpm , 200-220 tem not 38 - shop has no explanation why the pressure is lower , shop advised client to go on google and see that the numbers are ok .
    14) March 23, 2021 receives a call from the shop first offering to put the shop's own gauge ..which was pointless . We wanted them to test another oil pump . Initially they refused it but later offered to change the pump with a brand new pump for extra $300
    15) March 24. 2021 after calling 4 different suppliers we were told that no one in the country as of this date 03/24/2021 carry brand new pump , only the rx pumps
    16)March 24, 2021 later the same day received a call from the shop stating that the brand new pump arrived to go and inspected(per our request)
    17) March 24.2021 Upon arrival and comparing the oil pump from the truck with the one purchased by the shop we could not find any difference . Both oil pumps were with the same numbers , same stamps , no difference .
    19) When asked the mechanic who did the overhaul why we had such a high oil consumption prior to the overhaul , his response was because we had an old truck. When asked the mechanic why he did not change the leaking oil cooler he advised that this was another 12 hours of work, When asked what were the readings on the liners , he was not able to answer initially . When asked to provide with the paper he said that there was no paper for it .
    18) Initial reason for overhaul was excessive oil consumption - 7 gal of oil on every 10000 miles
    19) No explanation why the truck consumed such an oil after the overhaul done by the shop .
    20) No measures provided
    21) Damaged alternator by the shop - covered by us
    22) Damaged wire - covered by us
    23) Damaged mudflap - on us

    Please advise what should we do
    Also after cleaning the oil cooler , we found out that it leaks oil not coolant ? What is the reason for oil leak out of the oil cooler ? Is it dangerous to drive this truck this way . We have spent close to 25000 so far for this overhaul , I do not want to damage the engine.
    The picture attached is from after an overhaul done by the shop .

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  3. 359 classic

    359 classic Bobtail Member

    Jan 22, 2020
    I recently had a 400 Big Cam III rebuilt. I had lower oil pressure also after rebuilding. We replaced the new pump and achieved an increase but still not up to pre overhaul level. Called a reputable shop with many years experience at rebuilding engines. He stated that is a common complaint to have lower oil pressure initially after rebuilding especially if your previous bearings were not very poor yet. The reason being is because the new crank and new bearings are so smooth that the oil slides out easier. After they get “broke in” the oil pressure should come up a bit.
    I also own some ISX engines and I can say from experience that when the pistons start to build up carbon they will start scratching the liner wall which will cause a noticeable ongoing increase in oil consumption. The engine will run fine and strong but will be consuming oil. Cummins changed the design of the top of their liner after discovering this premature issue to prevent the carbon build up on the top of the piston edge.
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  4. snejana73

    snejana73 Bobtail Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    What do you think about the counterbores? I do not know if they measured them at all. It does not look that they did based on their answers . I am worry because we wanted to make it right , invest the money and keep this truck . We do not want to deal with a emissions truck. We only have Egr ....
  5. lester

    lester Road Train Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    NW, Iowa
    What can you do at this point but hope the counter bores are good. Give your mechanic a little credit. I thinks it's pretty easy for a good mechanic to see if the deck surface is worn in badly. Do you want them to tear the head off again to measure them with you standing over their shoulder?
  6. snejana73

    snejana73 Bobtail Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    At this point , I really don't know what should I do . I am worry that the shop did very bad job and will not honor their work. The fact that 1500 miles driven after the overhaul , I had bad wire (which was the shop negligence ) and the owner told me that I am on my own..... I had to pay the towing company , another shop ..... and then brought the truck to him to look it at , he fixed the damaged wire and charged me for it (even though the truck is still under warranty ) He did not admit their fault at all. All this makes me very nervous. Its seems to me that the job was done very poorly , only for profit not to do it right.
    The owner attitude changed completely after he received the money. He became extremely rude , accusive. I do not trust this person anymore .
  7. EastCoastPeter

    EastCoastPeter Bobtail Member

    Hey. Was hoping someone in this thread could answer. I'm overhauling my isx15 and while pulling down the oil spray line on #1 to get the rod out, i backed the socket into the counterweight of the crank and put a little nick in it. I'm completely new to this. Should i be too concerned?
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