Areo improvements for Flying Bricks?

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    Hello All,

    Little history here.. My hubby runs an 07 Freightliner.. and last spring had Conestoga system installed on his 05 Retinour (sp) trailer. Not sure why but in the last few months fuel consumption has skyrocketed and he began to look at trading the truck. After seeing the offer and interest rate - momma put her foot down.

    So we are looking for other options. I am glad to see that someone mentioned engine mods... so any additional info would be appreciated there. Also -- the "Bubble" -- where is that available?? I noticed that in OVERDRIVE recently they did a piece on mileage and that one guy with a "flying brick" was still getting better mileage that the sloped nose trucks in the fleet so that's encouraging too.

    Hubby is NOT computer literate and refuses to learn, so I am doing some research for him and hope to find a viable solution.

    Thanks for this thread.

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    Jun 7, 2009
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    wings will improve mpg about 1/2 mile or it did on my 379. keep trailer 34'' from sleeper make sure its adjust to the right angle. should get no bugs on the front of the trailer,just don't set it to high..nosecones seam to about the same on the co. trailers that they have been added to. the co putt airtabs on all the new trucks but no one i trust has said if they make any differance or not. you can get good mpg out of a real truck if you drive it right. mpg 6.99 over the last 900,000 miles. 550 6nz 379 18 spd 355 firstb 650,000 miles 265'' last 250,000 miles 318''wb w/ 140'' sleeper. 51' step w/q draw tarp system
    try adding fuel temp wire. donalson muffer m100463.110 psi min air pressure in all tires.keep it clean. less drag. good luck
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    Any interest in selling it?
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    May 16, 2009
    Conestogas pull hard, all of ours are fuel mileage killers. Most of ours have the NoseCone's but not necessarly for fuel but to help save the front tarp panels. However they do help a little with fuel but that was just a side effect of our intended purpose.
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    Thank you hmtruk and Jfaulk99 for such experienced advice. I will share this with hubby tomorrow. Be careful out there!
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    I don't see the aero trucks working like the propaganda states the huge vaccum load at the back of the trailer has to drag more. I pull a 48 ft dry van a bit with a 379 longhood and don't really notice forward drag from the trailer shorter tractor (Canada) 235" 52" flattop deck plated frame no aero crap what so ever may be the gap??? between the bunk and trailer:biggrin_25526:The only time my milage sucks is when I need to teach a new truck respect for its elders
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