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    Last year (2012) I spent 5 months tooting around the country with 3 dogs in my car, interviewing trucking companies. (There's a longer story behind this but that's enough for this thread.)

    I seriously considered Arnold because like parent US Xpress, they are dog-friendly, and I visited them in Jacksonville, FL. What impressed me was talking to drivers right there on the sidewalk in front of the terminal. One fellow in particular, who had about a year in. He said that he and a couple others in his CDL class started with Arnold and within six months most of his class came over as well. They had initially gone with all the names you've heard, including Swift. Oh, yeah, I did speak to a recruiter, too.

    The young driver and I talked for about a half hour, about trucking in general, about Arnold, about US Xpress. He had nothing to gain by BSing me. His CDL class pretty much came over to Arnold... eventually.
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    You must have really made some enemies here man. I routinely pull in over 2500mls a week. I also spoke to HR about the pay and per diem. It isnt going to be forced. They asked if I want to stay on it and I mentioned being told it was forced and she said they were going to but decided against it. Theyll also be back paying you all the miles driven from when you sign the paper for the new pay increase when it goes into effect. Theyll pay you whatever the difference is when they start it. Just fyi.
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