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    May 5, 2013
    I am new to the trucking industry and have a opportunity to go on with a tanker company hauling asphalt. I tried some research on the net about loading and unloading procedures but I am not finding much. I understand asphalt is a hot liquid.The only thing i was told was i would be hauling plant to plant, not sure exactly what that means. Can anyone give me a idea what to expect?
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    You will either love it or hate it ...... It's top loaded by driver, if your lucky your on a scale. If not you'll learn how much to put in your trailer. Most shippers won't let you leave if your overwieght. And if they have to offload some because your heavy it sucks....

    Most days start early 4 or 5 am del time. Night paving is big too...... Those guys have like a 6 or 7 pm del time.......

    You'll get the summer holidays off, no paving. Most states won't let them screw up traffic on the roads.

    It used to be a great gig.......... Now it's just ok.....last few years it's been a little slow. This year looks about the same.

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    You can expect to own insulated rubber high-cuff gloves. You can expect to change shoes before getting in your pickup after work. You can expect to run overweight if you are delivering to the county road sealing crew. They don't care.
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    It is bulk, the companies expect at least a minimum weight of product in each load.

    In the paving season, you would be hauling from production and storage facilities to where it is used, there are different grades and differing additives depending on what the paver wants, so some attention to detail must be paid, you would have to do more than just drive a tanker truck. Mistakes are made, and sometimes a driver can end up in trouble over it.

    Clothing will get splattered, and protective gear is a must. The temp will be a minimum of around 270 degrees F and may be higher, up to maybe 320 if they are trying to get a storage tank empty, burns are serious, and a reputable company will train you properly.

    You and your truck may be searched at certain production facilities, it may be worse now than it was in 2004, I was only searched once at a refinery near the Twin Cities.

    You need to be flexible and conscientious, and not load too early in case the paving would get shut down for weather or breakdowns, or load so late that you show up late, they want so much in that tank and not so much that another load would run it over.

    Off season, production is moved to storage facilities in plant to plant transfers, you may haul from a rail head or from a river(off barges). Quite a bit of paving is also moved from other modes of transport to the hot mix plants as well.
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    May 5, 2013
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    hauling asphalt is NOT always highway asphalt
    Roofing companys use alot of it too for the asphal shingles and felt paper
    plant to plant is a GRAVY job..
    just wear your PPE and be care
    From expirence that stuff can and will burn the bejeezus out of you..
    I have been doing this now for just over a year and I love it..
    it is a very different kind of trucking and most plants are open 24/7 meaning NO APPTS just dont
    let the tanks get empty..
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