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  1. Brandonva804

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    Nov 15, 2019
    Recently applied for a shuttle position with Averitt. Recruiter said I could start at .715 cents per mile with two+ years of experience I have now.

    But nothings confirmed until interview. So I have questions for Averitt shuttle drivers.

    My current gig is extremely good. I work about six hours and fourty minutes making $1200 gross a week. That’s 32 hours a week I’m working. Day shift.

    Money has been very low at $1200 gross a week and I want to be making like $1600+ a week with better health insurance.

    So the recruiter is saying at top out drivers make like $87K a year. It sounds like linehaul with 53 trailer. At 0.715 a mile she said I’ll average 2350 miles a week. Can anyone confirm or can your miles me lower. Shift is 2000-0700.

    Better healthcare insurance also. If I can average 2350 miles a week at 0.715 a mile that would be enough for me to make the jump.

    But at my current job I’m averaging like $36.78 a hour working a 32 hour work week so I told recruiter I’ll move forward but only if they’ll start me at 0.715 a mile.

    But the pay means nothing if miles not there. Can anyone confirm you get 2350 miles or more on a weekly basis. Is it set schedules?
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  3. hoosier volunteer

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    Dec 31, 2014
    Ringgold Ga
    I am an Averitt driver, not a shuttle driver, but I have driven shuttle several years ago. It is very realistic to get 2350 miles a week. It does depend where you are located, as in the major Averitt lanes or located on the edge where miles might be lower. Averitt only pulls 53’ trailers and the runs are bid every six months by seniority. You might get a unassigned run which means you will not run the same route every night but your start time will be the same.
    Hope this helps.
  4. TruckerDad1109

    TruckerDad1109 Bobtail Member

    Jul 11, 2018

    I run team shuttle for Averitt but I know a bunch of boys that run straight shuttle for them. 2350 miles a week is an average of 470 miles a night. that is very realistic when it comes to shuttle. I know some boys getting 530, 550 and even 570 on bid runs. thats over 100k a year in money. when you first start you will be unassigned(unless you're at a small yard) so your mileage will vary. it really depends on what yard you run out of and how heavy freight is. if freight is heavy, they will run you to death. if freight drops off, you'll be the 1st to go home because everything runs off of seniority. i hope this helps.
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