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    I’ve been with Averitt for two and a half years. Will be here until I retire in 2025. By then I’ll be 100% vested in the company’s profit sharing (6 years required). There are over a thousand drivers that have been with Averitt for over 20 years.

    Most trucking companies require their drivers to stay out for at least two weeks before taking a weekend off. Some require up to six months. When I first started at Averitt I asked how to get a weekend off. Their instant reply was that I didn’t have to say anything. That I would be automatically routed home every Friday evening or Saturday morning. The company has had this policy since starting the Truckload division in 1998. If you want to stay out, you have to tell them :)

    Staying at overcrowded truck stops or rest areas overnight is rare as Averitt has about 190 secure service centers with plenty of parking. Most of them have showers, laundry, ice machine, microwaves, exercise equipment, computers and a TV room with very comfortable reclining leather chairs. Many of the centers have fuel including DEF, maintenance and drive through truck wash for both the tractor and trailer. Standing in line to get fuel is very rare as most of the larger centers have two to three covered fuel bays. At the Nashville, Tennessee center during the winter, when you drive up to the fuel bay the overhead door opens automatically and down again after you drive through. The you can refuel and use one of the oil, antifreeze or windshield washer hoses coming from the ceiling in a large heated space. Another automatic door is there as you pull forward.

    Every truckload tractor has an automated transmission and APU with an 1,800 watt pure sine inverter (so you can even power electronics safely). We have a guaranteed 450 mile pay even if we run a 200 mile trip. Repair and detention time pays $20 per hour after the first two hours. There are seven paid holidays a year which are paid 450 times your mileage rate (I started at $0.46/mile). Vacations and layover are also paid 450 miles per day. When you start you get your initial allotment of company uniforms including a really nice windbreaker. Then $150 every January for Cintas with 20% off. There are many styles to choose from including no tuck shirts and even some really nice cargo shorts for summer. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

    No other company I’ve ever worked with has this many amenities. I absolutely love working here.
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    They were on my short list many moons ago when I was looking. One reason was they have a terminal close to me. The drivers I have talked with say they like it there. Only downside is you have to cover your tattoos. I didn’t get them to cover them.
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    Jan 16, 2021
    Thank you for posting this information!
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    Dec 6, 2020
    Don't they also have driver facing cameras onboard?
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    No, just forward facing cameras.
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    Always heard good about Averitt. Just wish they ran out west
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