Buying new or use ?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Maxmx701, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Maxmx701

    Maxmx701 Bobtail Member

    Dec 7, 2020
    Hello everyone I'm planning on getting my own truck in the next 6 months and I will like to hear some advice from you guys.

    Just to give you more information i usually do refrigerate loads and dry loads with a reefer trailer most of the time is hauling produces maybe 33 to 41000 lbs loads. Most loads are long hauling.

    I been looking between freightliner cascadia, kenworth t680 or peterbilt

    I'm driving right now a kenworth t680 2017 automatic as a company driver.

    What do you guys think ? Will it be better to invest in new or a low km one with extended warranty? And why ?

    As always I appreciate your help and knowledge
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  3. Midwest Trucker

    Midwest Trucker Road Train Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    Buy a 2022 T680 with Cummins X15 efficiency and Endurant 12 speed auto. Get the 5yr 500k warranty on the engine. 230 to 232 wheel base works well.

    The endurant is night and day better then the Eaton auto. Also KW has a mid life update that is more aero and with a full digital dash that starts building in June/July.
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  4. Arctic_fox

    Arctic_fox Medium Load Member

    Sep 16, 2016
    I would say go with a pete 579 or 567 but im biased. The 680s are ok but after teaming in one with my dad for 5 will NEVER see me recomend a 680 if a better option is avalible. Way to many unpleasent breakdowns.

    That said most modern trucks are just diffrent wrapers around the same crap sandwhich. Engines, trannys and most parts are all the same, just interchanged a bit between them. So your primary qurstions shohld be what engine and if new or old.

    Detroits can be fixed anywhere but are somewhere in the middle reliability wise, ISX tend towards more power but have a bad history of fuel pumps killing blocks, MX have emissions issues and are 5 times more expensive then any other engine, volvo engines just suck, and cats are the most reliable but tend to break in a big way when they do eventually go boom.

    Next question is new or used

    With new you get a warranty, you get assurances, and you dont need to worry about law changes or new taxes/fees killing you any time soon. However, they are hard to spin a wrench on and REQUIRE you to find a good code reader to avoid getting a $1500 tow just because your engine had a hicup and threw a derate because a rat turd in the fuel got lodged on a sensor for 2 seconds. And they are expensive.

    Old trucks are a mixed bag. Go old enough and you can avoid ELDs, emissions issues, headaches finding places to fix your engine, widely avalible parts, literally millions of wercked trucks to get used parts off of, hundreds of aftermarket parts producers and so on.

    However, the trade off with used is if you get a used emissions engine your going to have all kinds of issues and you may get say one of the ISXes known for fuel pumps gernadeing and killing blocks. You may get a ratted out frame someone painted over and cracks the first time you hit a bump, you can have your 5th wheel LITERALLY fall off and drop your trailer. And considering the current mismanagment in charge there is a 100% chance you are going to see emissions trucks get targeted in some way to promote green ideals soon. So they are a huge gamble.

    Up to you what you value more.

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