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    Aug 26, 2014
    KIMG1018(3).jpeg This one rides quite nicely. Factory rear air ride. The front has standard looking springs but two small air bags between the spring and frame on each side.
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    Dec 20, 2019
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    I just thought of something on the Patriot do you happen to remember what color the engine was painted? I read an article once that I believe it said they were gold. I know Paccar was painting most of the engines (maybe 99% of them) white at that time. Cat was still offering the white in rattle cans the last time i was there getting parts.
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    Jul 28, 2019
    The 2 small airbags on the front springs is probably Donvel Ride Control that was added on. It works wonders, let me tell ya
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    Ive got them, kinda worn down over the years.

    You are also first to freeze when the heater coil breaks in your front cab. Your first smell is coolant as green fluid roars out of your passenger door and smears the right side announcing to the world what happened. Then you freeze by degrees legs first. You learn to find a place to get warm before the ascending cold reaches your ribs. I had that happen one day in NY and spent about 11 toasty hours by a wood stove endless coffee and some brandy and stories from others near the stove that day. Bill was not much for a new heater core. I never forgot that day. Just one of those wonderful days in the snow. About a foot that morning.

    You also learn things like pointing the cab towards sun when sleeping so that if your heater did break which it will you have a chance to thaw out a little enough to get moving at sunrise.
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