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  1. STL-Dario

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    Sep 5, 2018
    Hello -

    Can anyone who drives a tanker for Casey’s share information on culture, equipment, pay, etc.? I’m aware that there are older discussions and I have read those... I’d like to see if any additional/updated information can be shared.

    Thank you!
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  3. istumped

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    Feb 8, 2015
    Use to be a great place. Ever since the new management came in. It went down hill. Head new guy came in told corporate they are doing everything wrong. So they moved trucks around now guys need to drive 1 hour away to work. Don't be late for work not 2,5,10,15 minutes 3 times late your fired. Driver facing cameras. This is from current caseys drivers. They all hate new management.
  4. 379exhd

    379exhd Road Train Member

    Jun 25, 2012
    rolling through hell
    I know this thread is older, I also know this will be area specific, but I can tell you the training in my area was a joke, they give you up to 6 weeks with no fuel hauling experience but they just want to get you out of the truck and on your own. If you've never hauled fuel I wouldn't recommend them, if you have hauled fuel there's probably better options with the new pay package that just came out. Get paid less than some store employees per hour, by the gallon by the stop and by the mile...BUT get a day maybe a 1.5 days of BONUS pay.

    As previously stated, driver and outward facing cameras, other employees say they're not as crazy as they used to be, but still seems as though the cameras are a bad deal for drivers. I've been driving 10 years, hauled everything from cows to gas 0 accidents close to 1,000,000 miles, local otr etc, one trainer mentioned the way drive (one hand on the wheel, clipping curbs at times it is trucking ya know etc) I told him point blank if they're going to assess me "points" for clipping a curb and doing no damage in a tight spot they can fire me I can have another job in a week.

    Positives are a 4 or 5 day shift just depending on what's open in the area, sign on bonus area specific and its not guaranteed, it's not hard work imo but if you came from an otr door swinging background (no offense to anyway) but I dont know that you'll last.

    I can say I like it better than local grain hauling, it's nowhere near what my ohio run was pulling a reefer, but it'll do for now till I can get my truck back to where I want it.

    And on another not they're either hurting for drivers or will hire somebody they know is going to leave in a year or 2 because I point blank told the recruiter in my interview I was getting back in my own truck come hell or high water, and they were just a stepping stone they still hired me.

    Speaking of which my interview was about an not going into detail because I'm sure they wouldn't like me saying this, but the truth hurts. Orientation is now in ankeny iowa, they pay you to drive there (mileage or car rental, they pay for your fuel, meal etc, but you go over a w4,take a road test, and talk to a dispatcher on day 2) least that's what I hear anyway.

    Fuel hauling isn't rocket surgery and brain science, trucking in general isn't rocket surgery or brain science. I think they're a good starter if you want to give fuel hauling a shot, I'm happy here for the most part, the money isn't what it used to be, but it gets a person by. You're eventually going to cross drop, dome out etc, its part of life and fuel hauling. Don't let it eat on you we have all ####ed up a load or two.

    It is what it is hope this gives perspectives some insight
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