Central Tech Truck Driver Training In Drumright Oklahoma

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    Sep 4, 2012
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    I graduated beck in august and i agree that it is a great school. we got robbed because of construction in front of the school so we had to test in Tulsa. Good luck taking those 48 footers around some of those turns with the tandems to the rear hahaha. by the way, if anyone does go to this school who reads this try to get in at the drumright inn. i stayed at antiques and more and it wasn't bad but the inn is way better. oh and antiques and more has great burgers. any questions you can message me. I also have a post called Trucking Schools for Student Drivers which i talk about my experience at this school.
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    Jul 15, 2014
    I attended central tech last month my company paid for my training their I feel that I was discriminated because of my past residency this class was held in el reno,ok by a older man named bob I was kicked out of the class for getting sick and was allowed to return due to the fact of having proper documentation now within 2 days of being accepted back into the class their was a supervisor of bob last name being mr Rogers that apparently sat in his vehicle and watched the class as bob took other students on the road at this point their are 3 students and 2 trucks now their is another truck that's accessible and defiantly could of been used to learn skills but they use this truck for doing pretrips in the beginning of this morning I went to the truck and did a pre trip twice so that I felt that I was catching up and preparing myself for the following wensday to take the cdl test apperently mr Rogers thought I apperently wasent taking the course seriously as he was sitting in his personal vehicle watching me after I was done with going over my pretrips for the second time I got into a truck and worked on my 90 degree after a while I decided to work on my offset now being able to practice for a while I got frustrated with not being able to get this down and decided to get into the text book and use book for some references and tips to help me complete this task still unknowingly to mr Rogers watching me in his vehicle before getting into my vehicle I needed to use the restroom and being a fair person that I am letting the other student practice his skills test after the bathroom I had a missed phone call from an friend so I called that person leaving the restroom and he didnt pick up so I left a message this phone call wasn't even 20 seconds long and was finished before returning to the training pad I proceeded to my personal truck and opened my text book the time is currently around 11ish bob the instructor returned from being on the road with the other students and at this time it's around lunch time the class assembled together as we were about to leave for lunch I was asked by mr Rogers to stay after , after all the rest of the students left mr Rogers told me that I was not longer part of his school and that he knew that this was going to affect my job and that he did not want to hear my excuses and that I should leave I asked him why and he told me that I was goofing off during the morning as I was doing my pretrips ok and that I was on my cell phone for two hours at this point he was wrong I tryed to explain what really happend and they just started yelling at me very unprofessional mr Rogers shoved me and told me that he could have me arrested for trespassing on state property and mr bob threatens to whoop my ########## ### now at this point i have this man that I never meet put his hands on my I told him how dare you with other words of anger put ur hands on any student and got into my truck and left unfortanly My job required me to have a cdl and since they payed $2200 dollars I lost my job . Mr bob thinks he's a funny guy and also called me gay in front of my peers and also calls his wife a b**** when referring to a trip in his prized Harley davison these people are very unprofessional and unfriendly for being a state ran school i hope others learn from my experience and look for more professional schools in the area
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