clutch brake adjustment?

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    My friend has an 07 International 9400i with the 10 speed eaton/fuller. It grinds when he tries to put it in gear. He took it to a shop and they told him theres no adjustment for that and that hes gonna have to get the clutch replaced. I seem to recall someone telling me that there is an adjustment for the clutch brake but not the actual clutch. Is there an adjustment? Or are they just tryin to stick him for a clutch?:biggrin_2556: If there is an adjustment, what is the procedure?
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    Jan 13, 2009
    You can adjust the clutch brake.

    If the clutch brake is broken it can be replaced without replacing the clutch.

    It is not a big deal to just replace the clutch brake.

    A new clutch brake is around $45 dollars and an hour labor.
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    There is NO reason to replace the clutch. It has nothing to do with the clutch brake, not even a part of it. The brake is a seperate thing, made out the same stuff as you clutch itself. How it works is the throw-out berring pulls back from the clutch to disengauge then at the furtherst point, it comes into contact with the clutch brake which slows it down (from spinning) so you can engauge the next gear at a stop.

    Depending on if it is a 1-piece or 2-piece brake..... 2-piece is very simple to change. 1 piece is a pain, but if you can get a torch or cutting wheel in there to remove it, then you can put a 2-piece on it. The 2 piece is basically 2-half moon's that bolt around the input shaft with allen screws. Very easy to change.

    As for adjusting, I am not sure about the type of linkage the IH has, but if it is like a freightliner, you can also adjust it so that it comes into full contact with the clutch brake.
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    Yeah, he has been calling different shops in the Nashville area. They are all pretty much tellin him the same thing. Nobody can get him in until Monday:biggrin_25521:. They are sayin if it needs the whole clutch its gonna be bout 2500 bucks and about 450 for just the clutch break.
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    The clutch brake is adjusted with the linkage. We use to always put in the two piece brakes from new we used the steel ones that had the spring pins holding the halves together. They are tough units and easy to get out if needed. It is possible the clutch is junk, pucks are bent, spring embedded in the facings.
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    $450 is way high for a clutch brake. I just had one put in at KW of St Louis and it was $150 installed.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    I had the same problem. I had mine adjusted just 80 miles south of nashville for $60.00 on mine they adjusted the linkage. since then it went in gear better than ever before.
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    Cost to replace depends if it's a 1 piece or 2 piece clutch brake. Single piece brake means you either pull the tranny or get in there with the cutting torch to get it out.
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    if anybody pulls a tranny to replace a clutch brake--they should be tarred and feathered
    very easy to cut out
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    The shop may be right if the truck has a Solo clutch and it is at the end of its life. There are no regular adjustments for Solo clutches. If the clutch is worn out the free play is probably gone so the release bearing is too far away from the brake to make contact with it when the pedal is pushed down all the way. The shop should have explained that to your friend, if not they need to! Solo clutches are standard with Internationals, chances are that is what it has.
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