Code 3471 FMI 14

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    Hello everyone! Long time reader first time poster. To start I have an 2012 Volvo with the D13, truck has 710k right now and I’ve just got a new code that I can’t figure out. The codes are

    SA 0 SPN 3471 FMI 14
    MID 128 PPID 328 FMI 14

    I am at a lost when trying to figure out what the code means with the FMI 14. I know it has something to do with the Aftertreatment Injection Shutoff Valve and I just replaced it with a new one along with new seals. That did not clear the code, along the way I also removed the 7th Injector and cleaned that out installed new gasket and bolts. That didn’t do anything either so here I am hoping that someone can guide me what to look for next.

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