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  1. Scooter Jones

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    Apr 19, 2011
    Signed on as an approved carrier a couple of mos ago with CONVOY. I've only run a few loads through their app so far. Here's a few observations based on my experience thus far.

    Like many brokerage firms, they too are heavily vested in moving carriers who do business with them onto their app. Which fundamentally eliminates any human contact, supposedly cutting costs.

    That includes, receiving freight offers on your particular lane(s) of preference, booking, automated (via the app) check calls, paperwork scanning & final payment status. In all honesty, I'm cool with that as long as I can reach someone in customer care in the event of a problem.

    While it is true they agree to quick pay at no cost to you, there are a couple of caveats...

    In order to receive the no cost quick pay option, you must allow the app to track your location at all times while on the load, from beginning to end.

    In addition, it's really not 1 day and the money is in your account per se. I've had to wait an average of three days before the money shows up into my account via ACH, still not too shabby.

    They use a payment company called, BOLD. You have to sign up with them and provide your bank account info. etc.

    The rates offered on the loads I've done for them were pretty fair and straight forward. I like the option of knowing what they are offering in a particular area because it allows me to sort of gauge where the market is going to be during a certain time frame.

    The first two loads I ran for them were above the average spot market. The others were average and most times since then I've been able to get better rates than what they've offered.

    I tried to use their "Make an offer" feature a couple of times based on other different rate quotes I obtained from brokers, however, it came back with "Not accepted." No biggie, I went with one of the other brokers and moved on.

    Something I DO NOT LIKE about their app is that you cannot control the volume of load offers via the app. Thus, my phone was going off frequently throughout the day. Very annoying and distracting, for me at least.

    In addition, so many of the load offers are for loads I have no interest in, however, because my profile is set up initially for a particular lane, i.e., CA to WA, I am inundated with regional offers like Ontario to Irwindale for $250, so on and so forth. I mean sometimes up to 15 or 20 offers of this kind.

    There is no way to sort through these loads either by distance, date or price. It became so cumbersome for me that I forced the app to stop running on my phone. Now I only receive offers via email every couple of days or so. I'm certain that they have lost business with me because of that aspect too. I spoke with their support department about it and they had no solution.
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  2. Scooter Jones

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    Apr 19, 2011
    A couple of things I forgot to mention. One of the loads required a lumper payment. I called the support line and the nice lady gave me an authorization code.

    Secondly, they only pay $40 per hour for detention, after two hours, of course. I had a two hour detention on one load and they paid it. The way they verify it is through the phone app location tracking. When you showed up and when you left, backed up by a check in and check out time from the shipper/receiver on the BOL.
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    Aug 16, 2015
    Thanks for the information!
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  4. Scooter Jones

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    Apr 19, 2011
    No problem. Hopefully my observations translated well enough to be understand ;-)
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  5. TallJoe

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I've use them often in the last few months. They helped my revenue tremendously in the last few months. I just enjoy this "make an offer" option and the Bold cuts me a check one business day after concluding a trip provided that I used they app tracking me and the bills are clear and uploaded right after. I don't use ACH but a regular U.S. mail, checks arrive within one week.
    They only interaction is when you bid way too high and they call you trying to calm you down and make you agree for a smaller rate, apparently not having anybody else to take the load.
    If there are any shipper/receiver problems, they have 24 support.
    The app is sloppy, though. It gets stuck and takes some patience to work it but I don't care if the pay 1100 for 250 miles at the right time.
    I think it is a must have for newcomers as they treat you at same level regardless of your MC# age. That is to sat that the app does not care who bids, unless they verify who the bidder is before agreeing to the rate. But some of their offers are decent enough (not always) that you just grab them right away.
    Many loads I took from them and got paid without even talking to anyone. And I like it this way. I don't need this bazaar talk when it is obvious that I won't go to Indianapolis from Chicago area for less than 700, and in the last few weeks even more than that.
    If Uber is the same way, or Doft I will use them too.
  6. izifaddag

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Thanks Joe,
    I signed up with them yesterday and I must say it was easy compared to some of them. The app looks ok and there was a follow up phone call. The rates look ok but they seem to be short on freight. I am closish to Memphis and last night they didn't have a single load. Memphis is stuffed with freight !! About 26 to 1.
    That concerns me. However I am so ready to go having revived my authority I am going to break the leash soon. Trouble I am running into, despite my experience and the fact that the authority isn't new just resurrected, is age. JB is 180 days as is Axle. CHR is in process and Coyote wants a month. It is killing me. So something like Convoy might solve the problem. Will have to bounce though which is ridiculous because Memphis is cooking right now. FUDGE !
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    Jun 19, 2017
    @izifaddag you can't haul with all those mayor brokers right now? are you getting your loads from other known brokers or contract clients you had?
    That's a question I've been dealing with in the past weeks. When a new Carrier or O/O is starting his business and they can't haul with BIG Brokers, the options get squeezed a lot. And finding loads from respectable Brokers or good paying loads is harder. Won't you agree with this?
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  8. izifaddag

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Hi Jaba,
    Sorry for the delay. That should tell you something right there!
    I have now hit the 30 day mark and then some so the problem is starting to alleviate.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, CHR don't have a problem neither does Convoy. The rates from both are ok and I am making a living. I have kept constantly running since I left on the 28th Sept and I am now heading back home - under a load. The bank account has been steadily upticking repairing all the damage that was done by leasing.
    I couldn't have picked a better time for restarting my authority.
    PLENTY of brokers out there that are not only good folks but are PAYING and don't care about length of authority. I mentioned it to one - Stream Logistics - with a nice paying load to AZ and he said "oh we don't care about that". Credit checked out like a champ.
    I have a couple of guys that I use over and over. My favorite is my New York CH Robinson guy. He helps me preplan and doesn't bs me. My Coyote guy is the same. Takes all the work out of it and I get my $2 a mile regularly.
    Convoy is not bad at all but they really a) short on freight and b) need to really organize their IT better. impossible to sort or adjust. They do pay well though if you work it right. I got over $3 a mile to NJ from Edwardsville. I like them.
  9. Scott72

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    Apr 7, 2013
    You can set notifications on the Convoy app to not make your phone produce that annoying cash register noise all day.
  10. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I think it did well in the english you presented here. What is your original language please?


    Being buried in offers by phone is not welcome. I wonder if it is possible to (Probably not... seeing the nature of your business...) have a throwaway phone with a number on it so that they can be given this throw away to call with the spam you spoke of. That way your main contact number is not blown up and you have some peace going down the road about your day.
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