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Discussion in 'Crete' started by bamalu, Jul 11, 2012.

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    When a trainee is witha trainer is the trainee doing all, or most of the driving, and work andthetrainers observes, corrects, and helps, or is more like alot of companies where it quickley becomes a team?
  2. lars

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    with crete the first 4 weeks are run as a solo truck (trainer & trainee) after that if you are ready. and the trainer feels you are ready. you will go super solo. witch is a modifide team opperation. you will do most of the driving and backing. if you get a good trainer.
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    Dec 3, 2011
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    My trainer is a run, run, run type. We picked up a 650 mile load yesterday with about 40 hours on it, and he still got me up at 2 am this morning to run it up to the receiver. Now we have to sit for almost a whole day waiting for the appt. time.
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    Driver Development is telling the trainers to start the trainees slow in the beginning, so driving 3 to 4 hours a day is not out of the realm of possibility. As far as Super Solo, it was my understanding that it was by agreement of both the trainer and trainee, not so. I was told by the Director of Driver Development that it is not a choice and it was required. The thing about Super Solo is that it benefits only the trainer as they get paid all hours that the truck in moving but the trainee only gets his $500 a what do you think the trainer is gonna want to do if the truck can run 19 hours a day, they make a heck of lot more money Super Solo.
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    Just got out of training...we did supersolo a few times but it really helped me to learn how to drive long hours
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