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    Jul 30, 2013
    I am omw to orientation for the CRST Malone L/P program and would appreciate any GOOD advice from those who know, not those who just heard. Also I need information about the "lanes" im from Louisiana and would like to stay regional if the money , is decent but if not I don't mind going where the $$$ is. thanks in advance
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    Oct 25, 2012
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    a lease purchase is not a good option i dont care who the company is with or there traffic lanes. either buy the truck through a dealer or drive a company truck,those are your two best options.
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    A lease purchase MAY not be a good option or it might be a GREAT option. It all depends. Read your lease thoroughly and if something isn't right, don't sign it. There are plenty of threads on here discussing the positives and negatives of l/p. Do some homework.
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    Do you know the history of Malone? Most drivers were/are owner/op. The best agents cater to the o/op's. We used to be with Malone.

    Firstly, you're not allowed to travel in the same circles. You lease the truck, so they won't let you go West. It's a tough area.

    When we signed up, we had to ask questions, work our ##### off and figure it out. Why should we make it easier for you? Owner's have issues with L/P's. Our trucks were earned and we can never walk away, while you can. The old school guys will shun you. Unfortunately, those are the guys you really need. They do not like Gold trucks and will ignore you.

    We made our best money hauling coils around the Midwest. We were assigned to an agent and got in trouble for "gallivanting". We would haul 2-3 coils a day. Short hops of 150-200 miles. We had a nice little triangle in IN, IL, OH, maybe a quick run to WV and back. It paid more in a short time than our over-sized loads. Combine the two and it was a nice paycheck.

    TX/LA loads were tough and never really paid that well. We had three special ladies who would hook us up. Otherwise, it was broker loads that barely paid to get us home. As a Malone driver, you have to find your own loads.

    We did well with CRST/Malone. We also owned our truck, made friends with old-timers, dispatchers and agents. We hauled OS loads to the West Cost, so I can give you little advice, as an L/P. I gave you really good advice. What you do with it, is up to you.
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    I've been with CRST Malone for 2 years now and have done fairly well. I've probably made about the same as I did with TMC, but I haven't had to work as hard. The key to doing well with Malone is to stay in their main running lanes and they will show where those are during orientation. If you have a better half that can look for loads while your driving, that will help a lot. Many times when a good load gets posted in the area your going to it will get snatched up pretty quick. Don't take a load out of their main running lanes, unless it pays well enough to cover the expense of having to sit a day without a load or having to deadhead back to a good area.

    One thing I would like to stress is to keep good, detailed, accurate records for the tax man and so you will know how your doing from one week to the next. I would advise going with a company like ATBS to keep your records for you. They will offer you that option during orientation. I would also advise you to set up a separate account, and have a certain percentage go into that account to make your quarterly tax payments with, so that your not caught short when that time comes.
    If you work really hard, you can make some good money. The key is to work smart. Just know, they are not going to hold your hand, it's strictly up to you on how well you do.

    As far as running regionally around LA, you may be able to do that. I don't get out to that area very often, but you could probably run LA, MS, OK and TX and stay pretty busy if you wanted to, but the bulk of our loads are in the mid-west and southeast.
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    Jul 25, 2013
    drive co truck 1 ST

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    Jul 30, 2013

    thank you, that was very helpful
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    Jul 27, 2013
    TOOEEZY good luck to you ,, keep us posted on how it's going
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    Jun 19, 2011
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    I'm going with malone soon. I have drove for TMC which is a great company imo but I feel like it's time for me to work towards being my own boss. I busted my *** for TMC now it's time to do it for myself. I'm still new to trucking but I've have realized it's hard work and a whole lot of responsibility. I'm also from Louisiana so I would like to know how it goes for you. I don't want to rush into something so I'm just researching now to make sure it's a good decision. I know it will be hard work and it's more like running a business which means you have to stay on top of everything at all times. I have read that the failure rate for lease purchase is very high but I think that if you work hard and stay focused you could do it. Start early shutdown early would probably help. It has been some good replies. Always good to pick veteran truckers' brains for valuable knowledge because they have been there done that. They know what's going on and most are willing to give good advice. Keep us posted. Good luck!
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    Aug 20, 2012
    TOOEEZY don't listen too trucfamm im sitting in globe Arizona as I write this im a l/p and I mainly run out west too here or cali or Montana and you can run back and forth or in a circle or where ever you want too any time. crst Malone gets 25% of whatever your linehaul is they don't care where you go too get it or how many times you go to a certain place. don't listen too anything that trucfamm said. theres a lot of loads of lumber out of la and south ark but those are the lowest paying loads. get too Houston and you can get decent loads too ok or ne or ks then from up there you can get back too tx but you going too have too go too the Midwest or get on the pipe loads going out west or too the Dakotas too make the big money you aint gonna make a lot staying in la, ms, tx. all these guys on here bad mouthing Malone are just whinny ### drivers I am doing a run from Houston tx too ray az rite nowthat after fuel crst 25% and all ill put 1400 in my pocket for 1100 mile run then tomorrow I unload deadhead 9 miles pick up load going too Amarillo tx that puts 680 in my pocket for a 600 mile run. and it aint just this week if you roll here u make good and if not you go broke.
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