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    Jul 23, 2012
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    Plains is about the top of the heap when it comes to crude hauling. I think you need at least two years experience in the oil fields to get hired. Nabors just merged with C&J Energy I think. I have a friend who works for them and he's happy. Mission Petroleum I see them a lot so they are staying busy. I've talked to Dupre a couple of times and they won't hire for a specific location. They just want you to hire on then move where they want you. That doesn't work for me.

    No info on Dillon or NGL.
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    Aug 7, 2014
    Our yard is on US 67 in Big Lake. They are treating us well, but things are tight right now as it is with a lot of companies since oil prices have dropped. Luckily we still have work and are still getting our hours. Maybe not as many as we were getting a few months ago, but as long as I get 60 hours a week then I am happy.
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    My bad, sorry, thought you and hub were at Plains......
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    one thing about plains,,they are a very large pipeline company with lots of oil storage tanks,,their trucks haul crude to their pipeline,,dillion and others are just transport companies,,for long termand more stability plians is your best bet and they pay well,
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