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    OK, here goes my story for D16 engine owners. It started one mornin when I barely started the truck. It was crankin well but the engine started after 10 seconds of keeping the ingnition key on.
    I didnt know what to think and I kept rolling the whole day. The engine sound was as usual, nothing suspicious. Then during the day I got on the dash the message "check fuel filter".
    After two days (the engine got the same starting problem) I replaced the fuel filter and the water separator filter. Still the same problem despite the filters change. Then I replaced the valve that stop the fuel to go back in the tanks when the engine is stopped. Still the same problem with starting.
    Then I went to the Volvo dealer. They plugged the computer and they found a code about injector nr.4. Ok, they open the engine and found injector cups black inside and one injector spring broken.
    They replaced all 6 copper injector cups and one injector and closed the engine.
    When the mechanic went on the road test with my truck something happened and they called the towing coz my truck quit working on the road test.
    They reopened the engine and found two injector holders broken(the metal parts that keep the injector in place).
    They replaced all six holders with new ones (the ones that are thicker than what I had).
    Now the truck is running good. I pulled for 1200 miles 45 000 lbs driving mountains and everything seems to work great.

    Now the good part in the whole story. The cost of the whole show was around 5000$. Volvo paid for everything coz this is the last warranty month for my truck. This month also is the last payment for my truck. I hope from now I will start making some money for rainy days. I think Volvo are biting their fingers for doing paing the repair in the last two weeks of warranty.

    What I've learned is that for the engines 2007 and newer there is the option to replace the injectors with new injectors with stainless steel cups(the conical ones) and Volvo has a special for now if someone wants to do it. Depends on the mileage and the year of the truck the prices are different. I wanted too to do the trick but my truck is 2006 and the stainless steel cups ones are not suitable for my engine.
    Also I learned that if the engine is open and injectors removed is better to replace all six injector cups and not one or two. If is covered by warranty Volvo wont replace all six but is up to everyone to make it happen.
    Stay close to the mechanic and always ask questions coz Volvo are a bunch of %$#@ers and they want the warranty repairs as cheap is possible.

    So this is it. Another D16 owner unhappy with Volvo products.

    I have no ideea why D16 work so great in Europe and here are just junks.
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    "I have no ideea why D16 work so great in Europe and here are just junks."

    A very simple answer! THE EGR!
    In Europe they have only SCR (ureea) but that is on the exhaust pipe not into the engine.
    No DPF, no EGR, no electronic VGT in Europe on D16.
    They just came out with a D16 with 750 HP.
    We in north america ... only a extremely far away dream!
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