DNU: Don Grant Trucking MC 034892

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    STAY AWAY. I've worked with some great trucking companies and drivers out there, but I assure you, this is not one of them. Don has got to be one of the WORST and most unethical owners/carriers we've ever done business with. As a Driver, I have no idea how they will treat you, but as a customer/broker, I will never use them again, even if my life depended on it.

    The first red flag was when the girls dispatching in the office who I booked the load with (Rosa and Jordan), couldn't give me an ETA on when their driver was going to pick up. No communication on driver info, ETA, status, nothing. This is pretty standard in the trucking industry to give to customers and brokers. I kept getting transferred or told they would call me back. So after calling back a few times on the day, this load was supposed to pick up (1 pm Wednesday), at 2 pm I'm told the truck broke down after Jordan transferred me to Don. (Don actually said he didn't know which load I was talking about before remembering it was the truck on our scheduled load broke down.) I say to myself "okay, #### happens, it's trucking. We have one last free day at the port, so we'll reschedule for tomorrow." Don literally says verbatim "I will have him there first thing in the morning. I promise we'll do whatever we can to make it right. Sorry about this."

    So what do I do? I trust him to make it right.

    Fast forward to tomorrow morning (Thursday); I can't get anyone to pick up their phones or respond to email until 9:20EST. (Pick up appt with the crane is at 10 am). Rosa finally answers and transfers me to a VM. I call back; no answer. I text Don; no answer. I call him; no answer. Finally, after calling like a telemarketer, he picks up and said he's busy and the girls he hired don't know what they are doing and that his truck is 10 minutes out.

    Whoo, what a relief! Our truck is finally almost there and our load will get picked up, right?! He then tells me how busy things are with Covid 19 and how he appreciates my understanding, I thank him for his help, etc, yadda yadda. So we hang up and I tell him all I need him to do, is text, call, or email when his guy is checked in.... 1 hr later, nothing. So I call again. Finally answers and Don says "Driver is on-site and checked in." I thank him and move on with my day, assuming what he told me was honest and true....

    5 hours later (2:30 pm - port closes at 3:30) I get a call from the other driver that was picking up another load for me saying that the equipment Don was supposed to pick up, was still sitting there and that no other truck showed up. So I call my other contact at the port. Same story. This is the LFD at the port, picking up a load that has to deliver on Friday.

    Remember, this is the second attempt for Don to pick up.

    All this while, I get no answer, response, or email from Don or his "dispatchers". Ignoring all calls, emails, and text messages. I also have one of our company directors call him; Don advised, let me look into this and I'll call you right back. We still have not heard anything back.

    (I'm used to dealing with ####ty companies, but I've never had someone lie so much when given every opportunity, to tell the truth, and let me know I need to find another truck or they cannot/will not pick up our shipment. I forgot to add that multiple times I asked if I need to recover with another carrier, which they told me, "No, we'll be there.")

    I still haven't heard from him yet actually.

    This cost me thousands of dollars in crane fees, port fees, and storage fees in order to get this recovered by an honest, hardworking, and reliable partner carrier. Hell, I had to create an account here just to share my story.

    Anyways, things happen. Hopefully, this helps someone stay away from Don Grant Trucking. Feel free to reach out if any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope everyone is taking advantage of the market right now.

    Don, I hope you get what's coming to you, buddy. Have a great life.

    God Bless.
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    That’s pretty low. Especially in hindsight they knew something the 1st time around trying to pick up the load... you wouldn’t expect that with such a low MC number....
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    Sorry but I need a Readers Digest version.

    Hard to read on my phone
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    i'm happy youposted this. i do not know them. but honesty and truth should be #1 in any business. if there trucks have qualcomm? they know exactly where the driver is.
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